Wall & Window Graphics

Wall and window graphics are two of the most affordable yet engaging ways to advertise your business’s products and services. From storefront window coverings to interior wall overlays, Precision Sign & Graphics has you covered (literally!).

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or advertise a specific promotion, you can enhance the view and grab the attention of your target audience quickly with a decorative, enticing wall or window graphic.

Advertise Your Best Features

Both wall and window graphics can be used in different settings. Window graphics are a great way to advertise products, services or specials that aren’t apparent from your business name alone.

On the inside of your business, wall graphics are helpful to both decorate and direct customers within your space. Offering customers a dynamic experience both outside and inside your business further boosts your brand!


Pique Their Curiosity

Window graphics can hide what’s inside the store. This often incites curiosity in those passing by. Not only do they look at the graphic, they are also left wondering about what’s inside, especially if adjacent stores don’t have the same air of mystery. It’s a great way to encourage foot traffic!

Inside, wall graphics can depict specific aspects of your product or service. Answering questions by clearly outlining who you are and what you do or offer is a great way to facilitate a uniform customer experience through every stage of the buying process.

Maintenance-Free Performance

One of the best features of both wall and window graphics is that they are virtually maintenance-free. Window graphics don’t need cleaning, even though the window glass might. Wall graphics are easily wiped down if they happen to get fingerprints, marks or dirt on them.

But besides basic care, you don’t have to go out of your way to attend to lighting, wiring, stabilization or any other concern you might have with a standalone or backlit sign.

Wall and window graphics are a great answer for business owners who need to work around strict permitting requirements. If your vision for a sign doesn’t meet local code standards, maybe you should opt for putting graphics on your storefront window. Let your creativity shine!

Learn About Our Process

At Precision Sign & Graphic, we help you boost business aesthetics by producing inviting wall and window graphics. You have so many signage options on the exterior, and so many more possibilities than paint on the interior. We create signs for retail stores, restaurants, offices, exercise facilities and more. Contact us today for a quote on a custom wall or window graphic for your business.