ADA Signage

If you’ve overlooked the need for ADA signage so far, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the only business owner who was unaware of the need for compliance while preparing for their grand opening.

No matter your industry, it’s essential to ensure that those with disabilities can read and understand all the information needed for your business to be accessible to them.


All Businesses Need ADA Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law that was passed in 1990 that requires all businesses to ensure that disabled people have access to services and products. This means that businesses are obligated to create and place signs that comply with all federal regulations.

In addition, many states enact laws that go beyond federal standards regarding ADA signage. This is why it can be extremely helpful for businesses to work with a local sign manufacturer — we are well aware of local code standards.

What Standards Are Required?

Public buildings must label all permanent rooms with compliant signs. Examples of a permanent room, or a room that cannot easily change its function, includes kitchens, electrical rooms and restrooms.

What constitutes an ADA-compliant sign? It must be in sans serif font. The type can’t be too large or too small. The sign itself must be hung at a specific height. It must also have the information in Braille. From fabrication to installation, placing ADA signage can be a project, but it’s one that’s will be done right if you have Precision Sign & Graphics on your side.


It’s Possible to Maintain Your Style Profile

It is possible to keep to a style profile when you work with an experienced ADA signage manufacturer. At Precision Sign & Graphics, we’ve learned that while there are a number of regulations to ensure your sign meets federal and state standards, there are also a number of ways to infuse your brand’s creative style. You don’t need to have cookie-cutter signs!

Your Efforts Count for More Than Compliance

Adhering to ADA signage standards is required. If you violate the law, you can face fines upward of $75,000. Still, the reason behind why these laws exist is so that disabled Americans have all the opportunities they deserve. Contact Precision Sign & Graphics for your ADA signage quote today!